Our approach

  • We always focus and have an eye on your corporate strategy while changes are made. We guarantee that changes are aligned with your overall business strategy. We clearly understand that today's change is critical for tomorrow's success in a fast-changing economy. Few initiatives will produce the desired result if you do not consider all components operating model: people, process, strategy, technology, organization and customer service.


  • That is why the business model is the basis for the Garr approach; it's a simple concept, and it works.


  • The execution is the real challenge for organizations today. The disconnection between what is planned and what is actually executed is a constant in most organizations. The solution is to develop an effective operating model that enables the systematic performance of the organization under a series of simple but effective practices.


  • We focus on practical field work, day by day, to ensure that the solutions implemented endure over time and remain active based on a flexible design that allows the organization to adapt to future changes without losing effectiveness in execution.


Pat Jones
Managing Partner

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